Dolby Digital Decode


@jasonl @goenjoy

We are using android on VIM 3. We want to do dolby digital audio decode.
I see android version of VIM3 has provision for dolby digital sudio decode.
Mediacodec xml also shows
<MediaCodec name=“” type=“audio/ac3” /
<MediaCodec name=“” type=“audio/eac3” /
<MediaCodec name=“” type=“audio/dtshd” /

Please suggest how we can enable dolby digital decode of Khadas VIM3 Pro or VIM4 as it seems amlogic has provided support and it needs to be enabled somehow.

Kindly suggest


@Parul Dolby Digital Decode is not support.

Hi Frank,

But was wondering as in the code there seems to be a provision for dolby audio.
Can we enable that some way? Can amlogic help with that?


@Parul If you need to use Dolby, you need to use A311D2-H,we dont have this version.

@Frank, you mean A311D2 and A311D2-H are different processors.
Is it in market yet, which board has this processor?

I have heard about Amlogic S905X-H but not A311D2-H.


@Parul We don’t have the H version of the board, you may need to find your own way.

no they are not different processors, the -H it means they have the support for the dolby vision/Dolby Atmos/DTS HD/TrueHD etc… the sdk is also different other with some changes to the supported libs needed for the decode.

@superceleron is there a way to get -H sdk for Khadas VIM4? Can Khadas help in getting from Amlogic?
We want to do dolby sudio decode on VIm4.

no that wont happen… :frowning: