Doesn't work my al model

I was using and nb files converted from sdk 6.4.3, and using it well until recently
But my program doesn’t work after update(same in the demo program)

here is command
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y

Was there any case that it could not be executed after the update?

@99momo Hello, you can clone the leaset release code to get the new

thank you for the reply.

I have one more question
bash && bash && bash
Do I have to run the command in vim3?

@99momo You need to convert you AI model in host PC

thank you frank

I installed docker in the window10 x64 process and downloaded the latest docker image.(docker pull numbqq/npu-sdk:latest)
Update according to requirements.txt and run the command in sdk
But an error occurred during conversion
Attach a picture of the error

@99momo Please do not unzip under windows, this will lose all soft links


I solved the problem