Does VIM1S support 1536x2048 resolution?

I’m looking to buy a Khadas VIM1S for my retro arcade. I’m using an iPad 3 display, which is a 4:3 display with a resolution of 1536x2048. Ideally, I’d install Debian or preferably Android and put emulators on it. I’ve found several topics on custom resolutions, but none mention the iPad 1536x2048 resolution.

Is this resolution supported by Debian or, ideally, Android? I’m OK with it if it doesn’t support it, if you can direct me to instructions to where I need to change the firmware and how to compile it.

Many thanks in advance!

PS: I’d also need screen rotation so the display works in portrait mode – is this something I could do? Thanks!

Hello @Neutron3968

We don’t have a screen of such resolution, I’m not sure whether this resolution is supported or not, maybe need to adapt.