Does this board support both asio and wasapi in windows?

It looks like to me it only supports asio, @Ben007 can you confirm this. If so,are you going to support wasapi in next firmware? Also, with the small pcb board you are going to release next month, if I choose asio or wasapi exclusive mode in pc, for example using foobar 2000, when I use the foorbar volume control, will it trigger the digital volume control in the tone board? Thanks!

Both asio and wasapi are supported.

They didn’t trigger each other.

So to get the best sound quality, if I use wasapi or asio in foorbar, should I set the foobar volume to 100% and only use volume control in tone board? Or the colume control in foobar does not change the bit-perfect? Thank you very much

The two ways of controlling the volume do not interact with each other.
Our software engineers are still working on it.

At this moment, these are the working drivers: ASIO, DS, DSD, and WASAIP (Shared) and ALSA in linux

You can get WASAPI shared here


Good day)
My OS is Windows 7.
Can I install only the ASIO component in Foobar2000 to fully support all samplerates, no WASAPI or others installed together?