Does the Tone1 DAC perform default oversampling?

I would like to know whether my original Khadas Tone1 DAC performs default oversampling.
My questions:
What happens with 320kbps Ogg Vorbis from Spotify and with 16/44,1 FLAC from Qobuz inside the Tone1?
Will there be oversampling (8x or higher)?
Thank you.

AFAIK, I found the answer here:


Thanks,Yes,it is.there will be oversampling 8x.

AFAIK, lossy compression algorithms use padding to fill the data back to 1411kbps rate required for a 16/44 stream before sending it outboard for conversion. This is done by the playback system, not the DAC. Any upsampling/bit padding is done at this stage. The KTB, for all intents and purposes, sees then a 16/44 stream.
Is this correct?

I do not know if I misunderstand you. As I know,if you use our AISO driver and playback system also supports it,oversampling is definitely done by DAC,The ES9038Q2M contains the oversampling FIR Filters inside.If a signal with 44.1KHz sample rate inputs to DAC by I2S, it will be oversampled to 8 X 44.1KHz =352.8KHz.

I was referring to Ogg Vorbis from Spotify only.
AFAIK, Spotify use padding to fill the data back to 1411kbps rate required for a 16/44 stream. Spotify seem to do this in their app before sending the data to the DAC. The KTB does then the 8x oversampling.
Can you confirm this?


Yes,you are right,Spotify can also resample,thus the original sample rate will change or increase.