Does my VIM3L with Toneboard need a heatsink?

I have recently set up a VIM3L and Toneboard running Volumio, and I love it - great sound quality!
I have the new heatsink for VIM3L but haven’t used it yet.
Firstly, should I be using the heatsink?
and secondly is it possible to use with the TB mounted directly on the VIM3L - the heatsink physically fits between the two, but the fins end up very close to the bottom of the TB so I thought it may be cooling the VIM but warming up the TB.

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Hello! to understand, of course, Volumio will not load the processor and make it hot, but the radiator will not hurt in any case, the engineers created vim + TB in such a way that your radiator will not heat your TB!

Ok thanks, I’ll try using it.

Also - where does the sticky pad provided with the heatsink go - is it between the processor and heatsink?

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if you are talking about thermal pads, yes, it is also advisable to use them for the best cooling

Yes ,everything is correct!

@Richard it is best to have everything cooled properly, this is to ensure a longer part lifespan,
It is highly advisable to get a Heatsink and fan for your VIM3L,

as for the toneboard…,
you could put a small copper shim on top, to cool it down
if you are going to have one of those night long Karaoke sessions…

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