Does Juice board (or Edge-V) have any logic that uses I2C interface of bq25703 (charging IC of the juice board)?

I want to connect two batteries to Edge-V: a main hot-swap battery and aux (for out-of-power scenarios or so the Edge won’t turn off during the main battery swap).

Both of them will be charged by the Juice board, so I want to design an additional PCB that is going to be connected to the juice board and will manage the power path (for both charge and discharge). But the batteries have different charging currents, so I was hoping to connect my PCB i2c to bq25703s i2c and set the charging current depending on what battery is being charged.

But I’m not sure that it won’t disrupt some internal logic of the Juice board. Hence I want to know whether the I2C interface of charging IC is used or not

Thanks, I found the schematics. AFAIU it is used only by the fuel gauge. Can you maybe point out on the Juice Board PCB which test points can be used to connect to this I2C bus? I’m having a hard time finding them myself

There is no test points for the I2C bus.

Oof. Okay, the last question: what’s the orientation of the connector on the schematics? Is it like this?

Hell @Nolven

Plese check:

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