Does Bluetooth function well on Android Pie(9) at VIM3?

I found the VIM3 has released the Android 9 source code/BSP, before ordering a VIM 3 SBC, I’d like to know whether the BT/BLE is working well on VIM 3 Android 9, as we want to use it as the BT/BLE development board.

Looking forward to the information.

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Yes from what I have tested, BT works fine but not sure about the BLE as didn’t do in detail testing.

Hi TonyHo,
Have you confirm that BLE5.0 of Android 9 can be run well in VIM3? I have a new project (nordic52840 to communication with VIM3)
Looking forward your help.

Please advice on what test you want me to do n Vim3 with android.
I will try it and share the results.

please install the app for test. VIM3 (ble client) Android Phone(ble server) ,connect and send messages.
My VIM3 board will arrive tomorrow:grinning:

it would be helpful if you can share the apk and I can only test at night once I get home.

ok, thansk for your patience.see the link below for apk.


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This doesn’t seem to install on the vim3 Android says app didn’t install.
Also Bluetooth is 4.0 ble i did a scanner app but there is no settings like in phone for Bluetooth. There is only Bluetooth setting to connect to accessories