Does anyone has Amlogic buildroot 4.9?

Can anybody share amlogic buildroot for s905x. They no longer available from amlogic website.

Hello, Maybe @numbqq can help you.

Hello @shava

Here is a version of buildroot:


Thanks @numbqq,

This is for khadas VIM3. Can you share one for VIM1?

Thank you.

hello this is for vim1, or some kind of error?


I might be mistaken but show only kvim3

"==========In Maintaining======================"





of course mesonG12B represents the VIM3(A311D) but mesongxl represents the VIM1 (S905x)

so p212 defconfig works with VIM1?

yes, try it, in any case you will be able to restore later, since we are talking about vim1 in this branch, or wait until they check it for you

I have tried vim buildroot by @numbqq. However rendering looks like this.

What could be the issue?

what is you screen resolution ?