DLL Error when installing DFU v5.3

Hi, I tried to download the DFU tool version 5.3 since I’ve only used the 4.86 when I upgraded the MCU with the ST Link and then to the following firmware version all the way to v1.3 making use of the DFU v4.86.

However when I try to install the 5.3 dfu tool (linked below the article of firmware update 1.41) on windows it pops up with a prompt that says “The driver DLL required to access the device is not compatible with this application version”

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to either use the old DFU tool v4.86 to upgrade the firmware to v1.4 (currently 1.3) or if there’s any way I can fix the 5.3 DFU DLL driver issue
@Eric68 @Gouwa
Looking forward to any feedback

This was done both on windows 8.1 and 11 with the same results

Hi Fallen,
have you install the 5.30 driver? (if already install 4.86 driver, need to uninstall first)
5.30 duf tools need 5.30 driver to support.

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Just installed it, I forgot about the driver. Thank you for your response, enjoy the holidays!