DIY fan adapter for VIM1

I received a fan for VIM2 in error a while back. Unfortunately i can’t plug that directly into the VIM. There doesn’t seem to be any sight of the VIM1 cooling kit on the horizon, so I’d like to just create the missing piece I need. I have a donor wire to plug into the GPIO pins, but I’m having a hard time sourcing the female header for the VIM2 fan. Does anyone know what I should be looking for to best narrow my search?

Hi, tophneal:
Sorry for the trouble.

We don’t design VIM1 with a cooling fan due it’s perfermance and heat spreading. And as VIM2 cooling fan header use 0.8mm Pitch header, and seems there is don’t have a 2.54 to 0.8mm adapter there.

Good day!

Thanks, you may have answered my question. My searches kept getting off course with suggestions like picoblade. I’ll Include .8mm pitch in my searches. If all goes well, I’ll be able to rig one up myself. If not, I have an alternate 30x30mm radial fan in the mail.