DIY Case/Housing for VIMs

Hey @fred21 which location? Sorry don’t quite get what you mean.


4 small O-rings, without tightening too much, do not crush them.

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Hi all ! …

To go on with my tunning mods for my VIM2+VTV+TONE in DIY-Case, here, inspired by fred21 cooling system mod…

Here I placed a sticky aluminuim foil to make a long lenght exhaust.
Fresh air is pulled by the fan and blowed through the covered heat sink.

At the exit I’ve put a flexibe piece of plastic label I’ve found on a brass plumbing fitting.

Vertical part of this ramp is maintained by the Wifi antenna to the side of the DIY-Case, the curved part is maintained by the heat sink itself.

Once the Tone-board in place, we can see clearly that the edge of the air exhaust plastic ramp perfectly channels the air outside.

See ya soon for another mod ! :wink:



I used some metalized tape too, but I worry about covering the fins completely. At least if the fan is set to other than always on… My thinking on this is the tape will resists passive heat transfer when the fan is not running.
I used the tape to force the fan air to engage the HS fins longer. I stopped about half way so some of the fins could work passively.
Mind you, it is just my theory, I have not proven it.:grin:


I thunk about that, but regardless of the setup of the fan,
if the ships temperature reaches the high level start set,
the fan will start and blows out the hot air trought the grooves.
It’ll do that more efficiency and so it’ll run less time than usual.

VIM2 is continuously running like that since two days in idle mode,
I think passive heat sink is doing the job because the fan don’t star more often.

I’ll be carefull about fan running/stop cycles when I’ll charge the VIM2 ships.


Hi All, …

Found this mornig while searching parts from old computers …
Totaly covered CPU heat sink, fan blowing sideway…

So I don’t really think covering the fins completely on the VIM heat sink is a problem …
The problem is only if the fan never start to blow !

For the moment, VIM2 still continuously running sine 4 days.
If I’ve got the time this weekend, I’ll test it charging the ships.


Passive cooling solution for the DIY Case!

View: YouTube Video


It does work rather excellent


Several solutions for users who have issues with assembling a DIY Case with the 3705 Cooling Fan. :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Until summer came to Russia, I decided to make a lightweight case for my VIM3, tone board, and M2 expansion board. This is a temporary project, which is at the stage of reflection and experience, and I’m thinking about whether to apply the style of painting the body in the finale - storg metal or funny underground? :smiley:I haven’t decided yet …
The base of the casing is sheet sheet PVC foam sheets, 1 mm thick.

The walls are glued in two layers with Cosmo SA-500 glue, irregularities and joints are coated with Cosmo SL-660 sealant.

It is an easy-to-process material that, after drying, gains good strength. Ventilation holes are made in the lower part of the case, a 5V fan is installed on the side face.

This is a quick construction principle for a temporary solution.
Thank you all for your attention and good health !!!


Some spray paint and it will look awesome. :smile:


Hi guys! I painted the case, the work is on! Put the grid on the case fan and even small details. This is an intermediate result. But now my VIM3 sandwich can be installed in a box! Good health to all!!