DIY Case/Housing for VIMs


Hello, Nice cut work on the top.
It can be easy to crack when cutting…ask me how I know. :rofl:


Exactly what i plane to as well…excellent


Hi, two weeks are almost gone, so when do you plan to release it?


this week is finished manufactured, next week can be released and arrange shipment


And can you tell us expected price?


Got the hole thing happening now :wink:


Very good, it would be nice to see a picture so I can get some more ideas. :slight_smile:


View the last of the original post, all will be seen :wink:


Is there news about the release case?


Fan still reminds me GeekBox :blush:


June 14: “will be release in two weeks”
July 20: more than 5 weeks have passed


Avaiable to purchase days ago, we still need to take photos and upload:


I’ve checked this thread and the main web site page.


Could you please clarify “Color: Transparent without Metal Plate” ?
Where the Metal Plate is located and what it stands for?


Yes, we still taking photos for DIY Case, can be ready next week, here I just take photo use my phone first:


More Photos here:


So it finally came and it looked amazing!


You don’t have LOGO part?


No, it did not arrive


It’s free samples, not you bought from Khadas Shop, right? :wink: