DIY Case/Housing for VIMs


Could you please specify a release date?
“Soon” is not informative, it could be days, weeks, months.


The DIY-Case are almost done, and we plan to launch mid-May.

PS: the heatsink are ready, we still wait the DIY-Case to launch together.


Hi @Gouwa,

can you share a price tag with us?



Sorry, the price not available until it get launched :wink:

The price should be friendly


Can i buy heatsink? Thanks!


I also want to buy heat sink, please tell me where ?? Thank you


Will be available for all our distributors soon.

Mass production revision:


@Gouwa can this be mounted on TV VESA mount hols? And how about the “DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)”


Nope, actually, the dimension if quite smaller than TV VESA standard.

When we design the DIY-Case, it’s available for vTV expandable, but still need a 3rd-party company to develop a case for vTV board.


+1 for the possibility to buy the heatsink separately. I think it will look awesome under the transparent cover of the VIM2


Yep, the heatsink and the cooling fan are both sold separately or as a bundle.


Whare can i buy the case?


When and where will this case be sold?


I look at the three shops and I wait


In two weeks and all our distributors


Any news regarding distribution please?


Almost finished the photos and document for our distributors, should be soon:

VIM2 Cooling Fan & Heatsink

Hi, thank you. Soon means days or weeks?


Hi…Will it fit VTV & Vim2 together in one case or just the vim2 ?


Any updated?
Mid-May has already passed.