DIY Case/Housing for VIMs

Isn’t a problem at all, I agree, but I will prefer to work at lower temperatures. because I intent to have a 24x7x365 working as a server (small server).
So what I would to show you was a good working temperature with a very small fan. 25x25x7.5 mm.

I am very satisfied with the VIM2 Max and I will buy more certainly.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll continue to wait for your box diy.
Keep calm, this is nothing. :grin:

Take care.

I understood. For server purpose is okay to have some cooling to secure the data just in case.
I am more A/V oriented where the fan is my enemy number one :rofl:
For the same reason i don’t like android on vim. Android need cooling :scream:

I truly believe that VIM is the best (most powerful) general purpose DIY board around. I can see some advantages only in UP board but mainly because of x86 architecture and compatibility.
For android users there is only one choice - Shield :slight_smile:

Running a fan that is rated for
12v at 5v will produce no noise but adequate cooling.

There is two type of noise and definitely at least one of them will be heard in my case :wink:

Hi Gouwa
Any news about this case?:roll_eyes:

Will sold in this month together with heat sink.


what shop?

and at what rate

So the heat will not be a problem anymore under android? Did you have tested with fully loaded android? What is the average rate for the temperature in this case with included heatsink?


what shop?

thank you

any news? stil waiting this beatiful case

Sorry for the delays. But the mold is complete now and we’ve taken an order to our supplier to produce the first 1k units. :rofl:

The DIY-Case and the heat sink can be ready in later April

Will it be possible to buy upper part of the case with hole for heat sink, with heat sink included of course?

The heatsink is mounted on PCB board, not the upper part of DIY-Case.

Yes, of course that is mounted on pcb, but you need a case with hole so the heat sink could fit in?

See that photo for the details:



what shop?

thank you

we will release on sale soon. Then will inform on Forum. Thank you for your favor.


I am still waiting for your informing post…
As soon as better…

I think the case looks good, but there are also some of us who are already happy with the standard case, and only need a fan for better cooling. Are you going to produce more units of the “classic” fan with perforated top cover? They are sold out everywhere.

Hi huantxo:
Thanks for the suggestion!

As the cooloing fan cannot be installed into current acrylic case when use VIM2, and fan is not quite needed for VIM1, that’s the reason why we didn’t sale fan for VIMs before.

The new designed heatsink and DIY-Case were designed to resolve the problems :wink: