DIY case for Edge-V

I have asked Khadas support about a case for the Edge-V and they have advised that users will need to DIY an existing one (VIM 2 case I assume). They directed to another thread on the forum with many responses about various subjects but I found no clear info on this. Since many users will be getting their Edge boards in the coming days, I figured its best to start a fresh thread with this info as its likely to be asked about a lot. Therefore, could others/development please clarify exactly how to DIY your case for the Edge-V with pictures if possible?

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Hey @simsim,

The DIY Case is 99% compatible with the Edge-V.

The only difference is that the Edge-V has an extra USB-C port below the left USB port. So you’ll need to cut a small slot into the DIY case to make everything fit properly.


Hi, I’ve just taken my VIM2 apart and it’s not as simple as you’ve suggested. Not only do you need to cut a hole for the USB c port, you need to cut away material in the bottom of the case for the port so the board can lie flat inside the case…allowing all of the other ports to line up with their respective holes.

With this in mind, please provide ETA on the the Edge-V cases. Ill have to wait further to use my Edge-V…

@fred21 did it, you can ask him for details.


Are there plans for an Edge-V case that will support the upcoming M.2 adapter & an M.2 device (e.g. an NVMe/SSD)? I don’t have access to a 3D printer so I’m kind of stuck at the moment.


Do you have to cut the bottom USB-C port opening in the case if you don’t plan to use that port on the Khadas Edge V for everything to fit and the inside too?
If I just put the PCB inside the case then it’s about 1.5-2mm too high and I can’t connect anything through the ports. Hope a final case will be available soon.

My suggestion is to just copy the example to be sure, it’s only a little extra work.

I don’t suppose the Juice board fits in the case with some mods?

Are the VIM3 heatsinks and fans going to work too?

You can see which heatsinks and fans are compatible with Edge-V from: