Distortion at 768khz samplingrate

Just got the toneboard from China, very pleased with the sound quality. I wanted to try the highest possible samplingrate only to experience a lot of distortion. tried both foobar2000 and Rpi3+PiCore player to no avail. Set to highest buffersize do not help. My board came with firmware v6.F2. What to do.

I’m seeing the same problem.

If you open the TUSB Audio Control Panel when music has recently played, while the Status tab still displays the higher rate as current (768 kHz), it will display a warning message to say the buffer is too small for the current sample rate (at the bottom of the Buffer tab).

However, the selection list for buffer size is already maxed out: it is not possible to pick and set a buffer size sufficient for any rate above 384 kHz.

Until I saw that, I presumed my computer was inadequate (low spec Vista-era laptop on loan after losing my workstation in a house fire)

Glad to know I’m not doing something wrong.

Exactly as I experienced, but there is a setting more under buffersize you can change. Default is safe but the warning message goes away if you choose low latency, I think. That does not help either.

Maybe I should move this post to technical support instead.

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