Dissapointing experience with Edge-V update


So after finding a Ubuntu 16.04 build and struggling with many errors (couldn’t install pv) I finally managed to flash Edge_Nougat_V190612 to my Edge-V. However, upon boot and waiting for the “erasing” message to clear (about 10 minutes) I see that I’m still on Edge_Nougat_V190527 after spending most of the evening trying to update…

Could you please update the burn tool to work on the latest Ubuntu images? Also, what has gone wrong with the Edge_Nougat_V190612 update?

May I know if it’s Max model you have? 128GB eMMC does take quite some time for “erasing” process to complete on the first bootup.


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Hi, yes its the 128gb model. The problem isn’t that it took 10 minutes. The problem is that, after a successful upgrade to the latest firmware, it somehow still shows I’m on the original firmware …

Edge_Nougat_V190612 and Edge_Nougat_V190527 are different on the kernel, Android is not compiled, so the version is still shown as Edge_Nougat_V190527. So your upgrade is already in effect. Sorry, our publication is not standard, which leads to this question.


Thank-you for this clarification. Is there some way I can verify for myself then? Also, the latest security patch shows May 27 2019, the same as the previous firmware …