Display is off color in Ubuntu xfce 20191231

My display output is weird for some reason and can’t figure it out :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello, Are you running from SD card?

Yes microSD card 16Gb

try Krescue to take advantage …
reliable tool :wink:

How to use this I have Ubuntu on the SD card

Burn Krescue to your sd using Rufus

Krescue :

  1. eMMC cleaning .
  2. Install the desired OS.

Is there no other option as I really don’t want to wipe the Android that came with my vim 3

Do you want to boot from SD to Ubuntu ?! I do not think this is the best option.
Hyphop is now working on dual-boot dual OS, I think it will be the best option!
If I’m wrong, let him correct me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am preparing ubuntu with Kali Linux tools installed, for the community members. that’s why just for development purpose I used it.

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Will see if I can try it :grinning:

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Yes, there are a lot of instructions on the forum, I think you will succeed in doing what you intended!
RDFTKV He knows the sitemap and is ready to help! :wink:

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As I undersfand it, conflicts exist between latest Android and later Linux kernels. Workarounds are limited. As Vladimir v. v stated, clearing the eMMC will work. Also, installing a previous Android firmware or using different Linux kernel will do it.
If you want to keep the Android you have now, but need the VIM3 for development purposes, you could use Krescue to backup the entire eMMC, then after developing your Linux/Kali project, you could restore the eMMC from Krescue and be right back where you started Android-wise.


yes, you’re right, as I have already said, Hyphop is planning multiboots, it will be interesting, since many people need two OSs without problems! :+1:


If it is as good as his Krescue, the multiboot should be fantastic.:slightly_smiling_face:


yes, he will do it based on Krescue :blush:

The most stupid and idiotic offer. Kill your device to start another system. :bomb:

You don’t need to erase anything in emc, just use normal systems where these issues were resolved long ago and work without idiotic deletions of the standard firmware from eMMC.

Robert, You surprise me :slight_smile: , listen less to any nonsense of an Amateur who does not know the essence of the question.


But with the Kali/Ubuntu build I am creating switching to different kernel is not an option as wifi related tools require the drivers for the wifi chipset but will see into the given ideas :grinning:

Hello Oleg,
I was unaware the issue had been resolved. Obviously I am a step behind and need to do some reading.:blush:

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The main core works without problems with color and does not touch the regular u-boot (the Android firmware remains and you can run Android and the external system without problems with color).