Disabling Edge 2 powersave mode

Edge 2 shuts down after some period of inactivity.

Is it possible to disable this, so it always stays on?

Hello @peerchemist

You can goto system menu Settings->Power to disable powersave mode.

There is no such thing in settings.

Which system you used?

The latest provided build of Android

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Hello @peerchemist

@goenjoy will help you about this issue.

The default is permanent hibernation. The test didn’t have the problem you said. How did you reproduce it?

I’ve simply let the machine run for hours. After some hours (not sure how many) machine would go to sleep and could not be woken up by input (mouse, keyboard).

@peerchemist I’ve been quiet for 15 hours since last night. No hibernation. Your machine may not have gone into hibernation but crashed. If possible, can you grab a kernel log? What is your firmware version?

How to grab kernel log on Android? I’m running latest Android build.


Preparation Tool


Sorry I am not interested in buying a module to debug this.

@peerchemist Can you find out the 100% recurrence steps for us? In this way, we can reproduce the problem and solve it.

My work scenario is straightforward.

Edge2 is connected to the television via HDMI and Ethernet using USB C <-> Ethernet dongle.

When it is no longer used, I simply change back to TV.

Edge2 turns off every single time.