Direct power to VIM3 other than USB Type C


Can we give power to VIM3 apart from type C USB port? Because I want to use type C mic on that port. So, I will have to give power to VIM3 from somewhere else.
Is it possible to do so?

Please check this documentation:

this document should also mention GPIO header pin1 and 2 usage (for 5V powering). Is this a discouraged way of supplying VIM3 and VIM3L?

the GPIO pins can’t be used to power the device, it was asked a long time ago, the only external power input is the VIN port

it would be important to mention it in the document IMHO… why not also to describe the reason.

its the wrong side of the voltage regulators - check the schematic to see how the different voltages cascade. Reasonable not to include it on a page about powering if you cant power it that way i would say

It would very reasonable to include a warning into the powering-related document, that these 5V pins cannot be used for powering (because 3.3V voltage would be missing then). This information would be helpful for the those VIM1 users, who have used 5V pins on GPIO header for powering the device without a problem.

There seems to be a workaround possible though, to add this kind of powering option for VIM3 as well, by adding a schottky diode from the 5V regulator output to it’s input.

For those using any of the GPIO pins for anything, feeding the power via the same connector would undoubtedly make sense. Even feeding 5V and 3.3V separately via GPIO would sometimes make sense, instead of adding another cable.

this question has been asked 2 years ago :slightly_smiling_face:

It was, I know. It does not make my suggestion about adding the warning invalid.

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