Digital Gauge Cluster for Vehicle

Hi everyone. I am new here to the forum and as well new to Khadas. In searching for digital gauge cluster projects I kept seeing the Khadas being mentioned, so I am starting my journey in learning about Khadas.

So to my question - I would like to know if it is possible at all to display my gauge information on to a screen (around 12 3" size) as well as display camera inputs (RCA A/V Plugs)?

My ultimate goal would be to use the RealDash
android app. All engine info would be transmitted over Bluetooth using a device called Dashbox (it takes wired analog and digital sensors then streans it using a Bluetooth connection) .
I really want to have cameras displayed in the gauge display too. Using a video switcher (example the Nav TV SVS-6), I would have it display rear camera when in reverse, front camera triggered by parking sensors, turn signal triggered side cameras, etc.
Also, it would be very convenient if the camera inputs had some type of priority. For example, the gauge display would be on all the time and whenever the camera switcher sends its output trigger, the camera inputs will take over. This is how the video switcher works. It has one RCA video output plug and one 12v trigger wire for triggering the reverse trigger of a car headunit.
(Hooe this makes sense)

I still have alot to discover and learn. It will be a long journey. But I was hoping someone can answer this question wether its possible to display 2 video sources or not . The camera feature is so important to me, it might even sway me away from the project if not possible

Thank you for your time!
San Diego, CA

Hi @Hammer22, Welcome to the forum.

It all depends on the resolution of the display, if its a standard resolution like FHD, HD etc, it should work fine, however for camera inputs you will need to either use usb-uvc capture cards or similar if you want to obtain video capture on any of the SBCs, except for the VIM4 which offers HDMI-IN, but would requre a conversion card for AV input.

The internal hardware has no support, but if you are using a video input switch then it is mostly possible to acheive the setup you are wishing for.


Hey there, thanks for welcoming me aboard!

That is great news! I would likely go with the VIM4 and its HDMI input. I suppose at thay point, It would be a case of outputting the VIM4 HDMI port to a switcher. Then from the switcher to the Display?
I have been able to find RCA A/V HDMI converters. I guess it will be a matter of testing various ones out and hope to find one with automatic switching. This way the VIM4 gauge display can be always active, and my parking camera system will display when it is activated by the reverse/turn signal/etc.
Thank you again and also for the boost of confidence to continue! Onward I shall proceed!!
Peace! -Rich

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