DietPi on Khadas (VIM1S)


I’ve been wondering if anyone was able to run DietPi on Khadas devices. I tried to create a DietPi image on Khadas VIM1S (amlogic s905y4) using dietpi-imager and dietpi-installer, but the system won’t boot.

I was able to create a minimal Debian image using Fenix script that works with VIM1S just fine. Run the dietpi-installer - that went fine also. Everything seems to work until restart.

The VIM1S won’t boot with DietPi image on SD card. Just a blank black screen after powering up the device.

I’m by no means a Linux expert - could anyone point me in the right direction - how to solve this at least on a theoretical level?

Thank you for your advice.

Not tried yet, could you provide the clearly steps so we can also try on our side.

Sure thing. So what I did was:

  1. Prepare x86_64 Virtual machine with Debian Bullseye as a compiling environment for Fenix script.
  2. Created Debian minimal/server image for VIM1S using the Fenix script.
  3. Burn this Debian image to SD card and insert it into VIM1S.
  4. Run this debian on vim1s without issues.
  5. Then I used DietPi script (dietpi-installer) to create “DietPi OS” from this Debian. All according to their manual:
    Supported hardware - Docs
  6. DietPi OS installation: used options “master/stable”, “Generic device”, “without wifi support”, “Bullseye”, finishes fine with “completed” message. Everything seems to work fine. I can use the device, but…
  7. If I reboot the VIM1S now it won’t boot again (into DietPi OS). No error message, just a blank black screen. If use use the hardware Reset button on VIM1S the result is the same - black screen.

If I can be of any assistance let me know.

Looks interesting.

Do you know where the license agreement is and what country are they in. I could not find any of the information on the site and that is a stopping point. Not sure why that information has been omitted from the site.

from what I was able to find, the author of DietPi is Daniel Knight.
And their github repo

says that it is licensed under GPL 2.0.

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Their Patreon says quote: " DietPi is a free and open-source project. We are be happy if you consider to to tribute in any way you can: Contribute to DietPi "

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Hello @xholicka

Thank you. will check this issue.

DietPi on VIM1S would be really cool. :ok_hand:

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I’d like to ask if there is any development regarding this. @numbqq

Thank you

@xholicka @TheAlex @foxsquirrel
Unfortunately VIM1S is not supported yet.

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