Did anyone got their airpods mic to work with Bluetooth?

As title: Did anyone got their airpods or any other mic to work with Bluetooth?

Intel Wireless Driver:
Device Driver:
Driver Date: 2023-08-30

My AirPods 2 and Devialet Gemini earbud only functional as headphone and the bluetooth driver or Windows 11 not seem able to detect mic.

Did you happen to have installed/use another type of Microphone ? (long shot)

Its locked onto previous install of a Mike as default and not aware of the New BT Mike

Have found Windows and Sound devices can have a mind of its own.

It seems to be some windows issue, have you upated your window to latest version? none of my bluetooth headset can work as a mic for now.

a link for reference:

WoW! Got my Mind used Bose, Surge 3D and Mpow. Thought the problem was the KHADAS Mind taking control of the driver. Upgraded to Windows 11 Pro. Nothing working now I see many others are having this problem.
Even adding a BT 5.3 dongle results in same problem. HELP!!!

It look like AX211 driver is the issue and other people just purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle

  1. AX211 with bluetooth headset: speaker but no microphone - Intel Community
  2. Headset only detected as “Headphones” not “Headset” - Windows 11 - Microsoft Community

Anyone from Khadas can confirm the issue or workaround?

The driver version I have installed, tried to plug a 5.0 BT dongle, some Realtek chip, which can work with my headsets.

Version: date:
September 12, 2023Size:
52.06 MB

Dear Khadas Community
We have received your feedback regarding the reported issue.
After conducting thorough tests and investigations, we have successfully replicated and identified the
Our engineering team is currently working diligently to address this matter.
We assure you that any updates will be promptly communicated with you.
We sincerely appreciate vour trust and unwavering support in this regard.

Got an update for intel bluetooth drivers, but still the same after updates.

Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® version 23.10.0 Driver

Release date:September 19, 2023
Size:58.21 MB

My MIND+ dock also seems to recognize the Bluetooth headset as only headphones. The ones I’ve tried are SONY WH1000-XM4, WF1000-XM3 and soundpeats gofree2. The Bluetooth driver and Windows have been updated to the latest version. After all, it seems that I will also buy a Bluetooth USB tongle.

Dear Khadas Community
Our MindApp has released the latest BIOS version v1.1.
Kindly use the built-in update feature within our MindApp to update the BIOS.
After completing the BIOS update, please restart your device to resolve any issues with Bluetooth headphones.

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Happy New Year! & Good job to the KHADAS team! I immediately updated the BIOS and confirmed that the soundpeats Bluetooth earphones work as a headset as shown in the attached image. After this, I plan to check the operation of SONY headsets and headsets wired to MIND Dock, but I expect that there will probably be no problems. I’m very grateful that I can use MIND for web conferencing starting next week.

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@Khadas_Sai , the firmware update fixed the Bluetooth mic issue for headphone as expected. :+1:

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where can get the BIOS, can share a link of it?
My mindApp didn’t show any available updates to me, some how.

@melvin Please attempt to press the Win key, then input “msinfo,” and check whether the Bios version/date field displays as v1.1 and 2023/12/14. If it still shows as v1.0, kindly install all system drivers, reinstall MindApp, and attempt the update once more.

Can I just have a download link? I have upgraded to Windows Pro edition, anyway it is not supported.
And I have checked dl.khadas.com - Index of /products/mind/bios/, it is still 1.0 there.

Well, can see the 1.01 BIOS there now, but there is no executable files in it…
Any guide to update the BIOS manually? Maybe I should contact to support for it, thanks anyway.