DHCP problem on Nougat


I have some problem with dhcp renewal on Android Nougat on VIM Pro 1.

I can set the dhcp lease to any length of time. After exactly 60 minutes something happend and I lose the IP.

To reproduce. Just start Android. Wifi not connected.
Ethernet connected with DHCP lease.

Put VIM to sleep with the remote.

Wait 60 minutes.

At 61 minutes wake up the VIM with the remote. The Khadas doesn’t have an IP address anymore and doesnt renew it.

I thought it was the dhcp lease. Tested on 2 network with 2 different router. Tried with 15 min leases or 24 hours leases. No difference.

Does anybody have any idea what is happening ?


What’s the system version of your VIM? Is your question similar to the post below?

We are building from source and are using the Nougat: V180622 manifest. on VIM1 Pro.
Is the fix in this branch ?

It is similar to the VIM2 problem you are referencing. I will try the ifconfig eth0 down and up to see if it does the same thing and get back to you.

Just tested the ifconfig eth0 down then ifconfig eth0 up and got back a ip address.

So it seems similar.

Can you pinpoint me the patch you were talking about in the other thread ?