Default firmware for vim boards

instead of burning a stinky android image on the emmc of vim boards, I request Khadas to consider flashing a mainline uboot and krescue instead.
That would let everyone to easily install their beloved distro (even android maybe, but we dont’ mind).
What is your take on this ?

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that would be cool, but mainline uboot won’t run anything else other than mainline kernel images (unless you have mainline in the eMMC and legacy in the SD/USB)

and some simple users just want to mess around with basic media on android

perhaps pre-flashed Krescue on the SPI flash might be more look like a more feasible option :slightly_smiling_face:

You right, krescue pre installed in spi flashram seems good for all;
I never understood how to flash it there , and once in there, how to boot from it.
And once booted, where do the dowloaded files go ?

standard upgrade mode presumably

that… I have no clue :sweat_smile:
perhaps you could use an external storage device for bulk storage of images ? maybe @hyphop has a solution for that…

I keep believing that khadas products are not aimed at simple users in need of an out of the box mediaplayer solution.
They better buy a media box which will be cheaper, include a box, a remote, a power supply, Aliexpress is full of those for a couple of bucks (I bought an excellent SUNNZO S9 Max for that), else something like the Xiaomi mibox is mainsteam.
VIMS are aimed at the DIY community

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You are right. We consider to ship krescue on onboard spi flash by default, but maybe for next generation boards.

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i hope this feature will be available ( soon after our testing )

krescue work in RAM and same can download and write images via RAM without storages


do you mean krescue can write directly to EMMC from reading the cloud and doing on the fly decompression ?

it sure can, compression is done on the level of kb sized chunks, not the whole file
so just uncompress it chunk by chunk and put it together and voila, an uncompressed file :slightly_smiling_face: