Deep DEEP hibernation

My Vim1s seems to go into a deep hibernation and won’t waken with any mouse/keyboard input. I see it locking the screen then after about 1min it’ll go black and not respond.

Any way to turn this setting off?

I’ve checked in Armbian and the sleep settings are off.

Having said that, I’ve noticed when the screen goes off for ANY reason it’ll stop reacting to inputs. Even things like trying to change resolution. I don’t get the keep/not window. I wonder if it’s just turning off the screen (screensaver) that’s doing it?

Hello @ronnietucker
Which firmware are you using? have you tried Ubuntu firmware?

I’m using Armbian.

I did try Ubuntu, but it has a problem with the ‘remote desktop’ feature. Then I tried installing Pi-apps to get TeamViewer and it wouldn’t work.

Armbian let’s me install Pi-apps and TeamViewer, but seems to have an issue with switching resolutions either from 1920 down, or when it does a power saving thing. It goes black then can’t recover.