Debian 5.15 kernel test image USB issues


We have observed some issues when trying to utilise the Coral USB Edge TPU device using the patched Debian 5.15 kernel test image.

When we attempt to load the firmware to the Edge device, it appears to cause some issues with the USB driver.

This problem does not exist with the Debian 5.4 kernel images, nor the original unpatched 5.15 image



Hello @davidharding

What’s the issue you have ? Can’t detected the Coral USB devices ?

Please make sure you use the PD adapter to supply the power/

The initial detection of the Coral Device works fine, as indicated by the first lsusb
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1a6e:089a Global Unichip Corp.
We then start up “Frigate” which is configured to use the Coral Device
This performs a download to the device
During that process the whole USB subsystem fails
The second lsusb, shows that everything is logically disconnected, including the Keyboard and Mouse etc

I am using a PD power supply

It would be reasonably difficult for you to be able to reproduce the setup, so I can gather any further traces you can think of

Hello @davidharding

As we don’t have the Coral USB devices, so it would be helpful for us if you can reproduce this issue with other ways.

Would it be possible to provide a next image with usbmon included?