ddl Source code

Hello, where can I find the source code for the tone board?

How can I compile it on my tone board?

I wish I could change the name declared in USB.

Thank you.

Hi Jeremy,

You would have to compile and flash your own custom firmware for that.

Not easy though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the problem that you cannot open source your firmware because of the original XMOS licence limitation, or because you do not want to open source it because of your own business strategy?

If the problem is the first case, could you possibly just publish your modifications to the original XMOS code in the form of a patch/diff? That would be just good enough for us, and I think it cannot be in conflict with the XMOS licence - it is your code.

Hi wanthalf:
Actually, for both cases :rofl:

Anyway, we will try to do something on this in the future, but might need some time :sunny:

Thanks for the feedback!

Have fun!

Actually I don’t think open source will hurt your business, this will build tone board a standard development platform for community and promote your sales.
You can see google opened k8s and containerd source code and make it the strongest position on cloud life system.

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My goal is to change the name to a personal name when I connect the dac card to a source.
Currently, I use the card without modification of the software and it suits me very well.
Just remain problem of name declaration when I connect it for example to my auralic G2.