Date and time wrong in CoreElec vim3

I use Khadas Vim3 and Coreelec from 1 year and she work very well, but at a week the date and time is not correct, perhaps set year 2019 and time a few hours and minutes incorrects.
Ask in coreelec forum response what “Possibly the battery is empty on the board and needs to be replaced”
there are battery in vim3?
Another solution?
Now, the only solution is start in AndroidTV Superceleron and set date and time.

Hi, coreelec needs to be connected to the Internet, choose the right regional settings, there should be no problem

not. I have permanently internet conexion 1.000 MB /300 MB.
Yesterday reinstaled from zero Coreelec, but not repair date time.

In another TV i have Raspberry Pi 3 & OSMC and work very well.

now in the khadas must start AndroidTV and activate and desactivate Automatic/date/time to set DATE_NOW.

You say that there were no problems before, you can remember what was the turning point, maybe it has something to do with the update? I also want to note that if you have coreelec on a flashcard, then it is better to use the stock android!

there is some way to force in CoreElec update time… a command that can be configured via SSH.

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Please clarify, do you have coreelec loaded from a flash card or internal memory (eMMC)?

EMMC—> AndroidTv Superceleron
SD—> CoreElec reinstaled yesterday

And after that the problem started?

In this case, put stock Android on eMMC and check again, it should help! Good luck to you!

tanks :slight_smile:

re hello
well, i test conect trough my mobile phone (access point) and… WORK!
Then looks like the problem is Internet conexion, the NTP protocol dont work in Khadas-vim3 and coreelec last version.
Try to forwading the khadas ip ( and the UDP port 123, but DON´T WORK!

conected SSH and try… ntpd -d -n -q -p
the answer is… Alarm clock

ntpd cannot set time / error message “Alarm clock”

conected SSH and try… ntpd -d -n -q -p
the answer is… Alarm clock

ntpd cannot set time / error message “Alarm clock”

may be better ask about this coreelec team ?

i can check it from my side soon

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Hello, I am curious. Why not use an RTC battery and forget about setting the time for a couple of years. This is the battery you mentioned in your OP…

Hello! it does not have a hardware problem, but a software (firmware) problem.
Initially, the correct firmware on the eMMC is required in order to log into the second system on sd / usb without any problems and everything worked correctly there.

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ok. is a solution, the problem is :
RTC Battery…$2.00
Shipping …$20.00

too much money for shipping.

Yes, I understand, just throwing it out there as an option.

@Xove_64 Yes, that would be a deal breaker. Free shipping to several countries, but if you’re not in one of them, shipping on this small item is prohibitive. Maybe you could find one locally. The battery itself isn’t special, however, finding the mating connector could be a challenge.
Hope you get the issue resolved.

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The problem look like another …
When start, non conected internet, and the board is not capable update Time trougth NTP

first i test the khadas vim3 at internet in my work, and in this way i can know if the cause is my home internet conection or is the Khadas damaged.

to be continued :roll_eyes:

tested on the office and work perfectly: The problem is not the Khadas is the conection.



I congratulate you, by the way, I told you about this in my first post

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