Damanged USB hubs for VIM3


I recently trying to play with my Khadas VIM3 but realized USB ports are not working. I installed krescue and looked at the hardware testing and it says “USB hub damaged”. I bought this while ago but never used it till now and frustrated that I possibly received damaged one.

The thing is I don’t have time to re-ship and wait for all, so I am looking for alternative issue. I was initially thinking about buying parts, desolder and solder, but not sure if this is possible and if so, which parts do I need to get.

Anyone has ever had this USB issue and if so, how can you resolve it?

Thank you

Hello, A user replaced the USB chip before. I cannot remember which VIM model. Also I have been unable to find the post, it’s here I just have not found it yet. If I find it, I will post back.

In the meantime, the schematic can be found here…
Keep in mind VIM3 USBs are more complex than other VIMs as it uses a switch for USB3.0 and PCIe.

@RDFTKV the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 on the VIM3 are independent of each other, however all the VIMs use the same chip for the USB hub functionality to expand the limited USB 2.0 ports exposed by the amlogc chip…

Thank you all for the reply. I am actually curious, after searching, I do not know if I need to replace the chip for the USB hub or the USB female pin? My krescue said “USB hub damaged” so I don’t knwo which part is wrong? Any thought?

@hyphop please follow up this.

You can check the USB2.0 pins on the GPIO. For instance is 5 volts available on the 5 volt pin?

  • Krescue check USB hub via software level - just check if it present or not

  • if usb-hub not present -> krescue print this message about USB hub damaged

and sure krescue cant provide more detail about which part is real broken :wink: