Damage to my tone 1

i was attempting to tighten a nylon mounting nut on the board, next to the pin outs labelled 1 & 21, and clumsily managed to shear the adjacent small component off the board, which is lost forever

i do not expect it’s there for decoration, but the board seems to work okay on a brief test using the supplied usb-c cable as the source and power supply

is it possible to replace this component ? or return for repair ?

can i safely run the board without it, simply connected as detailed above, as there is no need to utilise the pin outs; the trace seems to run to the pin out at “21” but i can’t ascertain the other connection

please see the photos to identify the part

i welcome some assistance, as i am devastated to lose the use of this board (lucky i have 2… but the other one is for the main living area, and my study will have to use an inferior dac till i find some solution)!

Hello, The component is C14, a 10uF capacitor(Part# C0603).
From the Tone Board Silk drawing.
From Tone Board Schematic.

It looks like a noise filter capacitor. While it will probably work without it, I would replace the component. If you are not skilled in the is area, a local repair shop could replace it, hopefully for a modest fee. You could send it back to Khadas, but you will be without it for a period of time. Postage to send it back to Khadas may or may not cost less than the local repair shop, I have no way of knowing. If you have an electronics school in your area, maybe you could sweet talk them in to doing it.

Just so you don’t feel alone :grin:, I too knocked a component off of a Khadas product, the Captain. I soldered the component back on, no worries. I have soldering experience and used hot air to replace it.


thanks for the info

i am adept at soldering but i lack a hot gun, although i reckon i could make do with a very fine tip;
the hard part might be sourcing the capacitor, and figuring orientation

the circuit involved seems to connect to the unused (in my version) pin out - i wonder if it has any function if these are not populated ?

The capacitor appears to be non-polarized, it can go either way around.
Risk in using a solder iron on surface mount components this small goes up when neighboring surface mount components are nearby. It can be done, but extreme care will be necessary to avoid damaging the trace(s) or lifting nearby components.
Sources like Digikey will have these types of components. You may have to buy more than one, but some will have no minimum quantity. Often a quantity of 5 will be under a couple of bucks. Search term 0603, looking for ceramic capacitor, 16V, 10% tolerance.

Tone_5V shows up all over the schematic, C14 is one of many caps that lay between Tone_5V and ground. How C14’s absence will impact the overall circuit is not known to me.
I would recommend replacing C14, though it’s designers can tell you more. @Gouwa can point you in the right direction.

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Prefessional analysis ^.^

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can khadas do a repair ?

can i damage the tone board running it without the component?

its a filter capacitor, ideally you shouldn’t do it, as it plays a good role in making the sound output clear,
but you can run it and expect your sound to produce “artifacts”

Yes, the Tone1 can still running well without this compoments.

Happy 2021!


happier if i didn’t break my favourite dac

does this filter actually participate in usb-c supplied power and signal ?

Hello! if Gouwa tells you everything should be fine, you can completely trust him! Please check your device and tell us about its behavior.
Happy New Year everyone!

i am well aware of gouwa’s status here… the board sounds fine, but i am keen to have it intact, regardless

reassurance is good consolation though

happy new year, everyone

I think you can easily replace this small component on the board in any workshop in your city.
Good luck to you!!