Custom CNC case


Finally got my KTB after a bad mix up by the courier that led it to being missing in the mail system for some 40 days.

I had made a custom CNC case for it while waiting for it to arrive. Also added an LED for aesthetics as well as a power check due to the enclosed case.

With LED light:



it’s my next purchase, tone board.
which generic edition or VIMs edition, I have not made my choice yet.
for the diy box generic edition


One of the best uses of “waiting time”, ever. :slight_smile:
Looks great. :+1:


Wow that is sweet! Really Mac-like. Solid like a rock! :smiley:


Looks very excellent, Hope Khadas can do something like this.


Hi Maxxevv:
Do you have a plan to sale the CNC case to more TB users?

@tsangyoujun will add the purchase link to Khadas Shop if needed.

Have fun!


Hi Gouwa,

I highly doubt I can bring it down to a price point that will be met with enthusiasm on these forums though. There really is not a lot to be cut in fabrication costs unless it can got into a 3-figure production run.

I did ask my fabricator how much it would cost for say a 20 set run. Including my time and excluding transfer payment and shipping, it would cost about US$68/-.

Looking at how price sensitive the people on these forums are, I highly doubt there will be more than a handful of takers.


If we place order 500+ here in Shenzhen, I think we can reduce the cost quite a lot :smile:

Not sure if we still can look out a bunisess solution between us to bring your design into the KTB users.


Hi Gouwa,

that would indeed be awesome if you guys feel that there is sufficient demand.


Perhaps an “all-or-nothing” kickstarter would be a good idea. :smiley: @Gouwa


Can try, you can manage & push on this :slight_smile:


Even a thick/chunky plastic type of Case Piano Black would look bodacious :sunglasses:


Haha! Oh the heat dissipation…


It’s only a sound Device…not a 3399, maybe some of them vents also :smiley:


I will buy the case immediately if available :wink: