Custom CNC case

Finally got my KTB after a bad mix up by the courier that led it to being missing in the mail system for some 40 days.

I had made a custom CNC case for it while waiting for it to arrive. Also added an LED for aesthetics as well as a power check due to the enclosed case.

With LED light:



it’s my next purchase, tone board.
which generic edition or VIMs edition, I have not made my choice yet.
for the diy box generic edition

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One of the best uses of “waiting time”, ever. :slight_smile:
Looks great. :+1:

Wow that is sweet! Really Mac-like. Solid like a rock! :smiley:

Looks very excellent, Hope Khadas can do something like this.

Hi Maxxevv:
Do you have a plan to sale the CNC case to more TB users?

@tsangyoujun will add the purchase link to Khadas Shop if needed.

Have fun!


Hi Gouwa,

I highly doubt I can bring it down to a price point that will be met with enthusiasm on these forums though. There really is not a lot to be cut in fabrication costs unless it can got into a 3-figure production run.

I did ask my fabricator how much it would cost for say a 20 set run. Including my time and excluding transfer payment and shipping, it would cost about US$68/-.

Looking at how price sensitive the people on these forums are, I highly doubt there will be more than a handful of takers.

If we place order 500+ here in Shenzhen, I think we can reduce the cost quite a lot :smile:

Not sure if we still can look out a bunisess solution between us to bring your design into the KTB users.

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Hi Gouwa,

that would indeed be awesome if you guys feel that there is sufficient demand.

Perhaps an “all-or-nothing” kickstarter would be a good idea. :smiley: @Gouwa

Can try, you can manage & push on this :slight_smile:

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Even a thick/chunky plastic type of Case Piano Black would look bodacious :sunglasses:


Haha! Oh the heat dissipation…

It’s only a sound Device…not a 3399, maybe some of them vents also :smiley:


I will buy the case immediately if available :wink:

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Hi Maxxevv - I have a friend who has access to a CNC and he can build me a case at cost. Would you mind sharing the design? Thanks!

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Beautiful case. If it is made available to the forum or on the web site I would purchase one. 2 if the updated tone board will also fit.

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