Current status of VIM3 GPS support in Android?

I’ve read through the various threads on GPS support in the forums, but the information seems mostly out of date.

I see mention that Q2 2020 there was due to be an official build with USB GPS support - I’m using the latest 201112 build, and whilst I can see the GPS NMEA strings via USB serial monitoring app, the location services do not appear to work.(It may be my GPS being incompatible -Ublox unit via a FTDI rs232>usb adapter).

I’ve also seen some custom builds intended for cars using other libraries and potentially allowing direct GPIO UART GPS support (which would be great! The links for these appear to be broken now however…

A few questions if anyone is able to assist?

  • Does the current official android build support USB GPS for location services - and if so, is there a tested/supported list of GPS devices?

  • Is there any plan to bring UART GPIO GPS support to the official image?

  • Does anyone have any links to the community prebuilt android images that had USB and UART GPS support?


@cloudy welcome,
perhaps you may have come through this topic, feel free to browse through it, most of the work was done there :slightly_smiling_face:


That is exactly the topic I was referencing - all the links and ROMs there are now dead, and it’s not clear what the outcome of the official support that was planned there was…

try pinging terry to see if he can give you more info on it…

Thank you - will try

This one works for me over usb.

And this is the Receiver.

We only tested the model of following picture. But I think the gps library should be able to support most models.

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Thanks both - Hitscam, was hoping to avoid a fake location provider proxy if possible but its a good backup plan

Terry, so there should be some USB gps support out of the box in the latest image that shows up in the native location service? Do you know if the driver/lib in use on your image supports choosing UART via build.prop?

That is GPS reciever I am using in Android released in summer 2020. Just plug in and all software in use get location . I believe it is exactly the same as in post by @Terry

Thanks all - a cheap USB one arrived (after messing around with 3 UART ones) and works out of the box. If it helps others it looks like this: