Current LE source code

Where is the source for the LibreELEC? I found what looks to be old fork here but that doesn’t seem to be very current to the release announced recently.

Before ordering one of these devices I want to be sure that there is commitment to the software and that the Khadas Vim is a legitimate open source option.



We need tidy-up the source codes first, then release it.

I think will done before Chinese Spring Festival. (25 Feb)

Well, our team decide release the source code as Vim-devel branch first. We will also tidy-up the commits and release then.


$ PROJECT=Khadas_Vim ARCH=aarch64 make image -j8

Welcome to contribute the source code to our Github.

More info, please take a look at LibreELEC WIKI page

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Thanks for the quick replay and the great decision to release this dev branch. That is the commitment I was hoping for and look forward to receiving the box I ordered maybe for Lantern Festival.