CSI Camera Hardware

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

(Will use) Yocto-based custom image.

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Self built.

Please describe your issue below:

I’m studying autonomous/swarm drones. Recently I purchased VIM4 for a try, and I’m wondering what camera hardware is available for its MIPI-CSI interface. Are the camera modules in your shop (IMX214, OS08A10) also connected to VIM4? Are they the only available, or is there a compatible 3rd-party camera?

I also saw the thread about 8MP camera support in android 11. To be clear, I’m not asking about software compatibility since I will use a Yocto-based custom image and patch the kernel (and device tree) for myself.

Additional inquiries to plans for hardware supports

If the only available cameras are the above two (which seems to be right), then it’s a deal-breaker to me since those are both rolling-shutter. And because raspberry pi (or Tinkerboard) have more diverse options in this, I should consider just sticking to them. For instance, vision components manufactures RPI-compatible MIPI-CSI camera modules for a diversity of sensors, and they are selling through Mouser.

However, I think your hardware is small and very nice, and perfectly fits my use case in all other directions.
So what I want to ask you now is, do you have any plan for:

  • camera hardware with global shutter image sensors, like IMX296/OV9281, or
  • a conversion FPC to raspberry pi’s 22pin or 15pin MIPI-CSI port?

Thanks a lot for replying.

Jiseock Kang.

Both are not supported at this moment, but we will add OS08A10 support in the future, and will also add support for a new model of camera.

So will you support global shutter? Can you provide a list of sensors that you are targeting to support in the future?

Also, can you provide a pinout and connector information for your CSI1/CSI2 port?

Seconded here.

Would it be possible to support OV9281 / OV9282 based modules or provide some information for designing / adapting such a module?

Being able to use for example this one would be ideal: https://www.arducam.com/product/ov9281-mipi-1mp-monochrome-global-shutter-camera-module-m12-mount-lens-raspberry-pi/

But if need be designing one would be acceptable too.

Any update on this, @numbqq ?

Hello @StefanH

Still work in progress, will update here if has some results.

any update? I already see this thread, but what I am asking about is a global shutter camera.

Hello @quadrotor

There is no global shutter camera at this moment.