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我想在VIM3上製作自己的產品,目前我使用Android OS,但是我不想讓我的客人看到任何關於Android的部分包括桌布,我該怎麼修改呢?

I want to create my own product. and I am using Android OS in VIM3. But I don’t want to show anything related to Android included the android desktop. How do I do in the BSP?
And I also want to disable DHCP in BSP. How do I do in BSP?

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@ru719iz283 @Terry @jasonl will help you

There are many things involved,like boot animation and launcher application, etc

Why do you want to do this?

Thanks for your reply.

My boot animation is done.
And my app is also ready. I just don’t understand how to boot up then execute my app quickly.
Could you give me some reference for skip android desktop and anything related to Android?

I want to make one page for configuring IP. The user could change the IP by themself.
What my product is a media displayer, will be connected to the camera. So the user could setting camera and this media displayer IP address.
Could you help me on this. Because I have around 1000 unit need to be sent out end of this month.

Regarding your question, it cannot be described clearly with one or two periods
This is a customized requirement, many of which need to be developed by yourself
Did you have 1000 unit VIM3 board? Can you provide your company information by email? We can communicate individually


Could you provide your email first? Thanks.