Create and restore EEMC full disk image

Hello, i’m using Khadas Vim2 where i’ve VIM2_Ubuntu-mate-16.04 running on the EEMC. Now i wanna create a full disk image and flash that image into 4 another Khadas Vim2 devices, so are there any tutorial on how to do that?

I found the following script tutorial here but it seems that it is only available for [Balbes150_VIM2 MultiOS 3in1 (Android+Libreelec+Linux)] and [Balbes150_VIM2_Ubuntu-server] images.

Thanks in advance!!

There are two options for creating a copy and restoring.

  1. With UART console connection, you can create and restore a copy with any system.
  2. Without a UART console, you need a system with multi-boot enabled.