Crash of my VIM


I have buy a VIM Khadas at gearbest. I have installed Android 7, all it was perfect. The android installed on Emmc.
I wanted to connected a HDD on the USB port. After that, the Android has crashed. When I restart the VIM on Android, it restart always, impossible to boot with android stable.

So I Made a reset of EMMC, with this :

But now, it’s impossible to restarted the VIM card, I have a black screen…
I have tested with differents SD cards, with android , librelec, etc…

Do you have a idea, or a solution for me ?

I hope that I have describe correctly my problem. Sorry for my english.

Thank you, for your help.

Did you try to Upgrade Via an USB Cable?

Thank you, but I have a Imac and Linux… sorry not windows.
If it’s possible with Linux.

yes, I try, it’s a good solution, but I have a problem With the last command…

cp -a aml_sdc_burn.ini Vim_Marshmallow_160928/update.img /media/gouwa/9CE9-3938/

for me it’s :
cp -a aml_sdc_burn.ini Vim_Marshmallow_160928/update.img /dev/sdb1/

There is a error, on the command…

And after if I try the SD card in VIM, the Android is blocked with a cross…

What’s the error? is the TF CARD path ‘/dev/sdb1’? You should search the path in ‘/media/user/’

The error is " impossible to copy the Update.img and aml_sdc_burn.ini to TF card…"

For the /dev/sdb1, I created a folder with /tmp/toto, and after I mounted the /dev/sdb1/ to /tmp/toto/, because my Linux distribution don’t mount directly my TF card.

Sorry, today I work, and I don’t have the VIM with me.


I try avec a new linux, and the error is :

"sudo cp -a aml_sdc_burn.ini …/Vim_Nougat_Root_170421/update.img /media/olivier/0511-889E/
cp: failed to preserve ownership for ‘/media/olivier/0511-889E/update.img’: Operation not permitted "

I’m not quite sure whether this will help you out or not.

Good luck!

Thanks for this information, I have resolved this problem , with :
sudo chattr -a upadte.img and chmod 777 update.img

but I have a other Problem.
When I put the SD card , the Android starts the Update, but after 2 secondes, there is a Cross on Android, and the update is blocked.
Do you have a idea ?


I’m sorry for that. If you want to Create Burning Card Via Command Line with android Nougat rom. You need to use the latest Vim_Uboot_Nougat_170512 for android nougat

Sorry for highjacking the thread,

Does that mean there is a new release of Nougat coming today?

:smile: This is only a uboot for Create Burning Card Via Command Line

Hello Terry,

I have tested with all possibilities, avec Vim uboot Nougat and with Vim Nougat, Libreelec, etc …
And with the files :

And the problem is the same, impossible to install Android on VIM Khadas.
The process for Installed Android Nougat or others with TF Card is not correct…I think…

I tried with a Windows, and this process USB CABLE, and with that it’s ok, the VIM is ok with Android Nougat.

Can you tested the installation of android Nougat with SD Card, please. And confirmed this process :

Thanks you.

I tested it today and found the uboot was need to update when I Create Burning Card Via Command Line with android nougat rom.
I have update the uboot because of it.