Could someone give me Guidance on Utilizing GPIO Pins on Khadas VIM3?

I am currently exploring the capabilities of my Khadas VIM3 and I am eager to dive into utilizing its GPIO pins for various projects. However, as a newcomer to this aspect of hardware tinkering, I am seeking some guidance and advice from the experienced members of this forum.

Specifically, I am interested in learning about the best practices for accessing and controlling the GPIO pins on the VIM3. I would greatly appreciate any insights regarding the following:

  1. Recommended libraries or frameworks for GPIO manipulation compatible with the VIM3.
  2. Examples or tutorials demonstrating basic GPIO operations such as input/output control, interrupts, and PWM.
  3. Any potential pitfalls or common mistakes to avoid when working with GPIO pins on the VIM3.
  4. Suggestions for useful projects or applications that leverage the GPIO capabilities of the VIM3.

Your expertise and assistance in this matter would be immensely valuable to me as I embark on this learning journey. Thank you in advance for your support and guidance.

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Hello @Elija

Please check here: