"Could not find DRM device!" on VIM3L

I can’t run my application which uses EGLFS… it returns “Could not find DRM device!”

I could run it in EdgeV linux-4.4 with no problems, but it is not working on VIM3L linux-4.9 (the only option in fenix)

I need help with this asap.

Thanks! @numbqq

Edge-V has X11 GPU and DRM support.

But for VIM3/VIM3L, there is X11 GPU support, only has fbdev, and there is no DRM support for current image.

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Will it have DRM support in the next release?

Maybe not. If you want to use DRM, you can refer this dts to add DRM support. But I’m not sure whether it works.

Is your app based on Qt 5?

yes, it is, I have tried to use that patch but with no success…

My Qt 5 app was originally design to run on x86_64 SBC. I’m new to Arm based boards and need help with cross-compiling the app to my Edge-V.
any chance you could help with the steps involve with recompiling(porting)?
I have a Qt 5.12.6/Qt Creator 4.11 installed on Ubuntu 18.4 already.

First, try to compile natively using the Edge-V… you can transfer the source via scp or rsync, and then running qmake, make, etc… you need to install qt dependencies inside Edge-V. I still did not take time to do a cross compile yet…

Ok, thanks.
By the way, if you still need help with the Egde-V custom boot logo, here is a helpful link by @recre8.

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