Cortex-M4 Amlogic A311D (VIM3)

Is there any examples or documentation on loading the cortex-M4? For example, using u-boot or Linux rpmsg for communication? Is there SWD (serial wire debug)? (JTAG)?

You can use the cortex-m4 during compilation of you application with the proper flags for you compiler

The Cortex-M4 is another processor, is there documentation on how to use it?

Do you mean the always-on built-in M4 processor of A311D?

Yes, the goal is to load FreeRTOS and access I2C and DIO.

Any more information on this?

Hello @tcmichals

I’m curious why you want to run FrssRTOS on the buildin MCU?

There will at least two interfaces running, Linux<->MCU, and MCU<->I2C. It is better to have a RTOS then trying to do low level scheduling. Using RTOS or bare metal application can be done.

Is there an example, loading the Code into the MCU, communication between MCU<->Linux using rpmsg (Remote Processor Messaging) frame work?