Cooling fan template

I recently purchased and received a cooling fan from Gearbest, for my VIM1. I, foolishly, didn’t realize that the replacement top panel was not included. I don’t see it listed, either. I know I may just be missing it, but it seems to me there is an easier solution.

Is there a template for the case top panel that can guide me in the proper placement of the fan, so that I can drill my own mounting and vent holes? That seems to be the only difference between the two top panels, and modifying my existing one seems to be the easiest option.

If there is not a template already, would anyone with the fan-specific top panel be willing to make the template?

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You can download the acrylic drawing in this link. Extract the .7z file you’ll get a non-extension file, just extract that file one more time (idk why khadas compress it 2 times :roll_eyes: )

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Thanks, but there doesn’t seem to be a link in your post. Is it something I missed in the wiki?

Nevermind! I’ve located the download link on the main site. Thanks again!

Oh sorry I just forget to hyperlink the link :>