Cooling fan generating loud noise

I’ve just installed my VIM2 fan onto the heat sink I’ve already installed. The current fan is very loud!!

Is there anyway to control the fan speed to reduce the fan noise?

Hi @tongkiat,

You can adjust the fan speed via Android Settings / More Settings / Cooling Fan.

Thanks @tsangyoujun for the tip.

Unfortunately i’m not running an android instance but a customized volumio version built by @balbes150.

I’ll look if there a similar implementation under volumio.

thanks !!!


Hello, @balbes150 has a Linux script for fan control. I do not know if scripts can be run in Volumio, but you may want to look into it.

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If your fan is controlled by voltage (older fans usually with two wires) and not PWM then you can reduce the fan speed by reducing the voltage with a resistor or pot. Not a very elegant solution but it will work.