Cooing Fan Assemble Guidance

The link above is only for VIM1, and the connector of the fan is different between VIM2 and 1:

  • VIM2: designed with a 0.8mm pitch cooling fan header and fan driver circuit.
  • VIM1: doesn’t design with any cooling fan header or driver circuit.(drive by the 40-pin GPIO by VCC power directly)

For VIM2, as the current acrylic case doesn’t have enough room for the cooling fan, so the we haven’t got VIM2’s cooling fan online for sale at the moment. We are designing the new DIY case, which support cooling fan mounting and will launch soon, you might need to wait some time.


I mounted the kit, to adjust the fan speed and lower the noise I put a small trimmer, I mounted a nice heat dissipation with thermal adhesive paste, now fully loaded in steaming with kodi I work at 45 degrees before working at 85 degrees.
and I’m waiting for the new case.


Nice picture! good job!

Hi all!

I’ve just ordered VIM2 Pro and start reading this forum. Maybe I should do in first place :expressionless:
Is it realy necessary to install fan or radiator? If so why is not included in original package?

Don’t tell me that watcing a 1080p video and running torrent is to much for VIM2…and is calling for extra cooling?!


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Heat sink for VIMs are developing:


Looks much nicer than the one that ive just hacked together! Standard heatsink and fan with a 20x20x10mm copper shim to go from the cpu to the outside of the case, with a couple of plastic spacers to lift the fan to the right place! Looking forward to a more integrated solution!


When will this new model be available?

It’s heatsink for VIM1 and VIM2, not a new model, and will be ready to sale next month.

Update: first CNC sample


Looks good and tidy.

This looks fantastic! I just bought a pack of heatsinks and some artic silver epoxy (arriving today) so I’m glad I checked here before making a permanent mistake!

I like you, you are great

Very nice !
When and where can I buy ?

As it’s CNC sample only, and we still need design mold for mass-production, will update further information next week or so.



Very good! Congrats!"

Home made!
Yours is very good and better then my!

Very nice! Waiting till it will move to assembly. It gives a feel like it would be ready for industrial sector. It might open for you new markets. I really like the idea - everything out of the box!

Nice one @Gouwa!
Any tests regarding how loud is the fan in normal operation?

Do you have any calculations how much will it cost?


Here is my DIY cooler assembly. There is a small recovered southbridge heatsink glued to the S912 chip with locktight bolt glue. I then cut a 2" hole above this and attached a recovered 12V cooling fan from an old PCI graphics card. This is attached directly to the GPIO 5V supply so runs constantly. I used the original top plate and added small 5mm spacers between the lid and the next layer down.

Result is an absolutely quiet assembly which maintains a self reported temp of 35 Centigrade regardless of load.


Any update on the new CNC design and mass-production date?

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