Controling the Fan from the CLI

Hello All,

I can read the VIM4 CPU temperature by typing cat /sys/class/fan/temp

How can I control the fan from the CLI? let’s say I want to set speed to low/medium/high nothing else. I want to override the “auto” mode.


have a look at the script.
If you want anything persitently changed (I think) you need to do it in the /etc/rc.local file

where is the script located?

It is available on your PATH, so just type “./” or look at it using “nano”
Never actually checked where it is stored.


nano ./ brings up a blank file.

Maybe it moved?

In a terminal try: find / -name 2>&1 >/dev/null


it is in /usr/local/bin

I got sick of the simplistic three-level fan speed so I wrote a daemon to fine-tune the behavior: GitHub - msandy/vim4-fanctl