Control gpio with VIM3 board unrooted

Hello :smiley:
I want to find a way to control gpio after unrooting a rooted board.
So I tried to use the “setprop” command, but it failed.
Can anyone give me some advice?

@Taein_Kim you can refer How To Access GPIO | Khadas Documentation

I also checked this document.
But what I need is to use it on a non-rooted, unrooted board.

There are many permission problems in the version without root, you need to solve them before you can use it

thank you, have a nice day!

not very sure about this, but maybe something like:
echo <data> | sudo tee <directory> might work ?
echo 432 | sudo tee /sys/class/gpio/export

It is possible in rooted state.
Access to “su” was always possible while rooted.
But what I want is an unrooted state.

@Taein_Kim KhadasApi interface description

wow, i try this solution. thank you lol!