Connecting Tone2Pro to Rpi4

I’m purchasing a Tone2 Pro and need to know BEST method for connecting ti Rpi4 as Roon end point.


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Hello, I do not have Rpi4, however Khadas says the following…
With not one, but two USB-C ports, you can connect a 5V linear power supply to the second USB-C port whilst having USB-C data on the first for excellent power-noise isolation.
I assume that would maximize TB2 Pro’s fidelity in all use cases.

Many Tone2 Pro documents and information, including a user manual, are available here.


@Vijayt3 @Gouwa @Eric68 please help about this question.

Thanks, makes absolute sense.

Where can I get a 5V regulated supply. I have looked around and most are SMPS.

there are many 5v linear power supplies on the market,
you don’t specifically need to connect the power supply to AC power, but you can step down regular DC current, or get a 5v regulator.
I suggest getting ones that use a LM7805, its quite affordable, and should do the job well