Connect touch screen?

I want to buy a touch screen to khadas
Will it work with him?

The 800x480 resolution is not the standard HDMI output resolution. You can buy a 720x480/1280x720 resolution output LCD and touch screen.
If you really want to use 800x480 resolution output LCD and touch screen, you can refer to this post. Thanks

This display is bad, because it has 800x480x43Hz not 60Hz! It does not work on normal ROM.
Thouch screen is work on this display.

And what about this screens?

this is 1024x600x43Hz monitor, it is bad too.

what about this sceen? it ok?

So I think I’ll buy it:
But how do I connect it to a khadas vim2 device?

connect on USB port…

The display goes through the USB and not via HDMI?

Where is display?

This is touch only.

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