Connect toneboard with i2s or SPDIF


I want to buy a tone board and feed it via bluetooth by this module:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_


Do you think this will work?


Hi Sui77,
It not work for I2S, as the I2S interface on the existing Tone Board not available for external devices.

The SPDIF OUT should be works, connection like this:
BT module SPDIF OUT --> Coax SPDIF IN of the TB

The next Gen TB will support external I2S feature. (Don’t ask me the time to launch)

Have fun!


THX :slight_smile:

Mzst it be SPDIF COAX, or can it be directly from the BT module?

I think a module/bridge is required as the module it self not Coax signal output:

I don’t exactly know what that would look like.
The signal from the bt board seems to be a differential signal and I’m not sure if TB is able to handle that

I don’t think it’s differential signal, and I also haven’t seen differential SPDIF signal yet.

The only information we can get is the pinout of the header, and no idea what the pin green arrow is. Maybe you can inqury the bt module vendor for the technical document:

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